Monday, June 21, 2010

B&A, 1/2 WAY: KB's guest room

I finally have my desk area setup in one of the guest bedrooms and I wanted to share the progress. Remember my desk inspiration post? Well, it finally all came together and "the good stuff" is up and going! In the future, this room will house my grandmother's beautiful bedroom suit (that I currently use and have since college) and I will update you on those additions. But until then, this is the guest bedroom before:
As you can probably guess, this room previously belonged to a little girl - check out the hot pink fan too! And, if I am not mistaken this is just about the same exact color my room was when I was little - pepto bismol pink! Yikes! That color was quickly gone and replaced with Benjamin Moore's portland gray. It is a soft mauve with just enough gray for it not to look purple. I love it! I have to admit, after the first coat of tinted primer I was a little nervous, but I am completely happy now!

I wanted to choose a color from this landscape painting that I did that was not too powerful or strong. It will hang above the bed so I think the subtle mauve will accent it nicely. I hope to also bring in lots of white and golden yellows. 

And here is the room after:

[click on all images to enlarge]

I waited to share the final setup because it took me forever to find a simple white upholstered chair! I finally found one at
Pier 1 and it is their Parson's slipcover chair bare. Such a good price too! A sweet friend, Sarah Robins, picked up the Ikea filing cabinet for me - gotta stay organized - and I purchased other desk accessories at Wal-Mart and Anthropologie

I am still deciding if I should do a shelf of framed pictures and prints like in my inspiration
post. I believe I would shorten my inspiration board and mount the shelf about the height of the boards now. What do you think? I will probably do a mock up first and share for you to examine...

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