Friday, June 4, 2010

EMILIE FRIDAY: calligrapher

I discovered this calligrapher the other day and I love her work. She designs logos, address blocks, stamps, invitations - and they are all beautiful! I love her style - and it slightly resembles a style that I have been working towards. She also has an etsy shop and sells calligraphy supplies.  I really want to purchase her Spencerian Textbook Kit (intermediate) - and I just might - that comes with a book, nibs, holder, ank ink. Such a deal!

Here are some of my favories of Emilie's work:

I have been trying to perfect my own calligraphy style(s) for awhile now and I have been saving any form of inspiration I can find. I have pages and pages of cutouts in my inspiration book of samples from different artists. I have always loved to handwrite and doodle, so I took a copperplate calligraphy class a few months ago. I really enjoyed learning the basic forms, how to hold the pen, replace tips, etc. Since then, I have been working on writing a wedding invitation for a friend and designing a personal stamp to use on my design work. I will be sure to share the final results of both. For a staff picture at work we had to display an "item" that represents you - I chose my calligraphy letters in my inspiration book:

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