Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am sure that it was somewhere on blog world that I read about using canvas drop cloths for around-the-house projects, and the idea stuck in my head. I did a little google-ing and found that people make sofa slipcovers out of them and curtains. This is what I like (and read) about drop cloths:
- they are all ready HUGE
- great for long lengths or puddling at the floor
- neutral color
- thick, strong material
- no need for lining
- just hem, sew pole pockets, and iron and voila!

I purchased 2...gosh I can't even remember the size now...drop cloths for about $15 each from Lowe's and began the adventure! Luckily, my Mom was in town and was able to help me get started - good thing, because this was my first go on my sewing machine and we encountered a few problems. ;) This was our process:

1. We measured the window, where the rod would be installed, and how many inches we wanted to allow the fabric to "puddle" to determine how much we needed to hem. I think we allowed around 4-6" for puddling. 

2. We pinned the top down 2" for the pole pockets. The bottom was the raw edge so we pinned it up 1", sewed that length, then folded it another 8" for the desired hem length. 
3. Repeat for both curtains. I ironed both before I hung them and it really helped with the wrinkles and form.

Take one...

And, take two...

[yes, that is spackling on the wall - disregard any drywall anchors included in package when hanging a light rod, not needed! Will leave a huge hole!]

Getting close...

[click on picture to enlarge]

I really love the final product and they hit the floor perfectly. I think the thick material helps them keep their shape and look so full. I also read where others mentioned sewing a color band along the bottom to spice them up. For about $30 of fabric + a $30 rod from Target, I say you have yourself a deal and some fancy curtains!

Thanks Mom and Brandon for your help!

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