Friday, July 29, 2011


I think an easy way to spruce up a room in a house is adding framed art and, the bigger the better. I know several blogs have done similar posts to this, but in case you haven't seen them I wanted to share my favorite prints, artists, and shops.

1. Etsy, of course: This fun and hand-made site has millions of amazing artists and cool shops that sell anything from vintage and modern prints to charcoal sketches and acrylic paintings and more! Here are a few of my favorites -
I love all of her bright colors and abstract heavy strokes

This artist appears to be on vacay right now, but check back in a month to see more of her beautiful artwork! 

I love all of her sweet watercolors. She always chooses a beautiful, subtle color palette and leaves enough white space on the page for the illustration to breath.
How pretty would a collection be of these birds and feathers? In a white frame and white matte ... note to self.

kari herer
Her illustrations and photography have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Lonny Magazine, and several awesome blogs. I really love her work and can't wait to get my hands on a few of her pieces.
 magnolia and flower illustration
anter no. 6944

Her photographs are so calming and serene. I especially love her focus on nature and the outdoors. There are so many I wish I could post, but that would be overwhelming so here a few of my favorites.

2. 20x200: This site features graphic prints from various artists in several sizes. They are constantly adding new art work and replacing old or sold out items. It is fun to browse through all the different styles and mediums. Here are some of my current favorites-
the black and white contrast in this photograph is brilliant. 
This artist has a series of these beach photographs. I have seen gorgeous large scale versions of this scene in rooms and it makes such a statement. I actually have one framed on my mantel at Melrose and the colors are captivating. 

3. Poster Cabaret: This site also sells posters and prints produced by several artists. I have not ordered from this site, but they have some amazing art work I would love to introduce to Melrose.
This lithograph print is from the talented children's book author, Charley Harper. I love the punch of yellow in this sea of neutral tones. 

4. deviantART: This is an online social network for artists where anyone can sell their artwork on paper or products. I just recently discovered this website and have simply browsed a few times. I am sure there is more fabulous art work for sell on it than I am posting. 

Do you have any other favorite shops where you buy art work? If so, please share! I love finding new sites for inspiration. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hopefully I can share what was in the big box next week!

for more art options, check out my pinterest art board

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Melrose got something new yesterday and until it is 100% ready I don't want to spoil the surprise! But, here is the disaster area it left to tease you ... I hope to share the final result really soon! Don't you want to find out what it is???

And, no, it is not a new refrigerator - although, that would be just as exciting!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

FIESTA SHOWER: landon & ryan

This is a long over due post, but I am excited to share these pictures of a senor & senoritas fiesta shower I helped host for some dear friends a few months ago. My friend Dana and I had such a fun time planning this shower and having craft nights at Melrose. We really wanted this shower to be unique and memorable so we turned up the volume on the craft decor and accessories. I think these pictures prove how great of a night it was!

Dana made this cute sign to direct the guests to grab a flower barrette or a mustache to celebrate. I think all the guests had fun playing with the accessories!


We found this super cute DIY tutorial on how to make this paper pinatas. We didn't fill ours with candy, but you definitely have the option. You can find the tutorial here. We found the perfect tissue paper at Hobby Lobby - bright colors, poka dot, glitter, you name it!

Pom Poms made from tissue paper hung from the outside entrance gate. If you want to make your own, follow this quick DIY project.
The mustaches!

All of the guys (with the bride) sportin' their staches. 
The girl hosts with their flower pins.
And, as no surprise, I made the invitations and here are some close ups. They are printed on 100# Neenah classic crest in avon white and paired with Waste Not envelopes in red. 

 Wrap around return address labels
I cut these cute chartreuse green polka dot liners from wrapping paper that can also be found at paper-source. The paper is the perfect green and adds another fun element to the fiesta theme.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Melrose's hallway is currently pretty bland and I want something cool to add interest to it. I definitely want to do a framed collection of our wedding pictures along the wall, but that doesn't seem like enough. So, I have been thinking of unique ways to paint it and I have found some pretty interesting inspiration ... more than just a pretty color! These pictures add interest and make a statement in an easy way.

Like I have mentioned multiple times, black is huge right now. I like the contrast of the walls versus the white ceiling. It is interesting how they just stopped the black paint at the ceiling corners and there is no crown moulding. 

I am looooving this soft mint color. Espeically paired with the white, gold, black, and brown - so simple and classic, but modern. You could easily mount your own moulding a few feet from the ceiling to achieve this look. 

 And, more black. This painted chair rail is amazing and so unique. The double stripe paint job could be combined with either of the top two pictures. The second tiny stripe adds just the right amount of drama to the room. 

Black trim ... looks like a white ceiling with cream walls. So sophisticated! 

 Another example of painted trim. This bold yellow makes a big statement in this room. Such a great, and easy way to bring in a touch of color. 

I will have to decide what will bring the most interest to the hallway and compliment the framed wedding photographs, but I am leaning towards a high chair rail with a tiny stripe - no moulding. What do you think?  

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am not very fond of fake indoor plants, but I do love the color and natural element an indoor plant can lend a room. I want a fairly large and pretty tree to place in a tight corner of our study. I had no clue what type of tree would survive indoors and be busty enough to fill this area so I started researching. I know I want something beautiful since you will see the tree from the entrance of Melrose. 

Through pinterest and other blogs, I discovered the fiddle leaf fig tree trend. These beautiful trees can grow easily indoors and up to 12 feet tall! Their large, waxy leaves can create awesome canopies in a room if pruned correctly. Here are some pictures of fiddle leaf fig trees in homes.

elle decor

The fiddle leaf fig tree would be perfect except that I can't find a reasonably priced one. Not to mention that I want it a few feet tall now and not a seedling. Laurel-Dawn at abode love also did an excellent post on these trees if you want to check out more pictures. 

Along with the fiddle fig leaf, I have found these quaint olive trees in several homes. These can be easily pruned like a single ball topiary at 3-4 feet tall. Other varieties can grow taller.

So, after a little more research I found that a lot of people grow citrus trees indoors and they can have a similar shape to the fiddle fig leaf, but they also produce fragrant flowers and fruit! One that has especially grabbed my attention is the orange tree (there are lots of different types). I found a good post at Little Green Notebook on calamondin orange trees if you are interested.

and Martha even did an article on growing orange trees indoors ...
all sources via my pinterest board

I like how you can prune the olive and citrus trees to have a tall skinny trunk with a fuller top. I think one of these will be making its way into Melrose soon. I saw some for sale at Lowe's this weekend and Williams-Sonoma and Amazon also sell them! 

Do you have an indoor tree? If so, what kind?