Monday, July 11, 2011


I am not very fond of fake indoor plants, but I do love the color and natural element an indoor plant can lend a room. I want a fairly large and pretty tree to place in a tight corner of our study. I had no clue what type of tree would survive indoors and be busty enough to fill this area so I started researching. I know I want something beautiful since you will see the tree from the entrance of Melrose. 

Through pinterest and other blogs, I discovered the fiddle leaf fig tree trend. These beautiful trees can grow easily indoors and up to 12 feet tall! Their large, waxy leaves can create awesome canopies in a room if pruned correctly. Here are some pictures of fiddle leaf fig trees in homes.

elle decor

The fiddle leaf fig tree would be perfect except that I can't find a reasonably priced one. Not to mention that I want it a few feet tall now and not a seedling. Laurel-Dawn at abode love also did an excellent post on these trees if you want to check out more pictures. 

Along with the fiddle fig leaf, I have found these quaint olive trees in several homes. These can be easily pruned like a single ball topiary at 3-4 feet tall. Other varieties can grow taller.

So, after a little more research I found that a lot of people grow citrus trees indoors and they can have a similar shape to the fiddle fig leaf, but they also produce fragrant flowers and fruit! One that has especially grabbed my attention is the orange tree (there are lots of different types). I found a good post at Little Green Notebook on calamondin orange trees if you are interested.

and Martha even did an article on growing orange trees indoors ...
all sources via my pinterest board

I like how you can prune the olive and citrus trees to have a tall skinny trunk with a fuller top. I think one of these will be making its way into Melrose soon. I saw some for sale at Lowe's this weekend and Williams-Sonoma and Amazon also sell them! 

Do you have an indoor tree? If so, what kind?

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