Wednesday, August 31, 2011


To help you survive this exciting hump day ... click here for a mid-morning laugh! My husband was in the dog house for about ten minutes ... 

*story below the instagram portraits

Friday, August 26, 2011


So, I am getting super close to revealing the rest of the additions in the striped study and I can't wait. If you remember, I posted pictures of the new china cabinet here but I had a few little adjustments to make before I photographed the entire room. I just have to find the time to take pictures during good daylight. I plan on making this my goal for the weekend! 

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few pictures that inspired the study. If you remember, I painted the once sage green paneling cream and beige stripes and it really brightened up the room. It has one built in shelf that I still don't know what to do with, but I think I have everything else situated! For now ...

I didn't have the rope for my post on the china cabinet, but it will appear in the next
this was a hoot purchasing at our local Lowe's - imagine 2 girls asking for rustic rope to be used as decoration in a glass bowl ... yes ... that is what they thought too

and what is a study without a cozy reading nook? Exactly. This is where Brandon will do all his reading in all his spare time ...

and an arrangement similar to this appears somewhere!

All will be revealed asap! And don't worry, Brandon's frat desk was definitely replaced! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and stays cool.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am always looking for resourceful ways to decorate and when I spotted this fabulous idea over at a friend's I latched on! Since then, I have spotted several inspirational images of hanging vintage trays in unique arrangements. Vintage trays/serving platters are both sophisticated and ornate, but rustic and simple. To me, the more tarnished, the better - it adds character! 

These can be easily found at flea markets, antique malls, etsy, ebay, your grandmother's attic, etc. for a very reasonable price. Collect a few in assorted sizes, colors, and design and purchase adhesive plate hangers and arrange! Such an easy fix to that empty wall ...

this is a more organic arrangement
 or go for structure and organization
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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Remember my bar dilema here and my resolution I revealed here along with the bar art? Well, if only this line would have been out a few months ago my issue would have been solved quicker! (side note - is it okay to have two bars in your home? better yet, your own bar in your bedroom!? just trying to figure out how I can introduce another one to Melrose!)

Society Social is a new brand that designs custom bar carts, chairs, and other furniture. And, let me tell you - they are amazing and at such affordable prices! The colors, fabrics, patterns, styling, shapes are all so perfectly designed. They also have a fabulous "magalog" that covers all the details. Here is the description from their website:

At Society Social, we enthusiastically subscribe to living sparkly - as in vivacious, legendary, always ridiculous, and never for a second boring!  We believe in following your heart and chasing your dreams, after all that's why we're here.  We believe that life is a grand celebration, that means every day, and poppin' bottles is something we do with frightening regularity.  It is this contagious joie de vivre and our tremendous love for a shared celebration that inspires every piece we create.  We hope our handcrafted line from the colorful cocktail carts to our playful haute hostess attire induce frolic and merriment from our home to yours.

Now, to some of my favorite products! I am obsessed with The Draper console table. It is custom made in an array of colors from sparkly faux croc to python! Best part - it is available in gold! But, I also have a thing for the stone python.  Wouldn't Melrose love one of these?

 Check out this gold ... beautiful, shimmery croc!

I also really love The Stanton vintage inspired faux bamboo cart. And yes, it is available in gold as well. But, better than the gold - it has a removable top tray, stemware and wine bottle rack, and is mobile! Talk about perfection. While designing my bar, I really wanted a stemware and wine rack, but I couldn't seem to locate a piece with that. But, here you go! Again, very reasonable at $439, with free shipping!

Next, I have a crush on The Double rolling bar car that can double as an end table. It has all the same amenities as The Stanton but with a handle bar for truly easy access. You can't beat this striking cart for $295 with free shipping too.

Those are my favorite items, but there are more amazing products on their site for you to check out. I'll leave you with a few last items I have my eye on as well. All of these beautiful pieces make me want to entertain and serve cocktails! Now.
Lacey and Jessica - I think this piece has ya'lls names all over it!

The Piper - at $189 for a custom skirted, piped, and bright parsons chair is phenomenal! You get to pick your fabric, skirt, and leg paint!
The Cocktail - I can totally visualize this piece under a trellis with greenery growing up it (like I posted here) sipping cocktails with my girlfriends. What a perfect day!
Head on over and check out the remaining pieces. Which piece is your favorite? Please share!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I just found this poster via the Eight Hour Day blog and I love it. Yes, it is Lady Gaga but the colors, design, and quote are so awesome! I want to put it in my office. Now. Check out the etsy shop too for more fun art work by Little Things Studio.
"I'm just trying to change the world one sequin at a time" Lady Gaga

Monday, August 8, 2011

STAY TUNED: update

So ... I know all of you have been dying to know what was in that big box and I believe I am ready to share, partially. My main "decorating" focus lately has been Melrose's striped study. Last I shared about this room, I had transformed this former porch from pea green to chic white and taupe vertical stripes. The lighter tones truly brightened the entire room!

I have lots more to share on this room very soon, but to kill the suspense and misery -- Melrose now has a much needed tall china cabinet. Living in an older home the cabinet space is very sparse and this became a problem when trying to store our newlywed china and stemware. I was on the search for awhile, but I found an amazing deal, and surprisingly, Brandon was even pleased with the price!

Here are some close ups of the new piece. One of my favorite features is the dainty, brass handles. Beautiful, strong hardware can definitely make an impression.
Check out my yellow national geographic magazines (inherited by marriage) -- I love the splash of yellow they add, and paired with my The Help book ... the two pops of color balance each other amongst the whites and creams of my fine china. 

sorry, I know that picture is blurry, but I think it is so fun to see our married monogram on these salad plates
My giraffes need some candles ... and I hope to inset an old rope in the glass punch bowl.  Maybe in my follow up post! And man, how I love my Annie Glass pieces ... that etched gold rim with the soft teal is gorgeous. 
I found the piece at Wisteria while they were running a sale and it arrived four days after placed the order (sorry, it is no longer available). Not having to wait a few months was almost as good as the price! I love how the rustic, gray finish compliments the dining room and the study. Wait 'til you see what else it compliments! Stay tuned ... again!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

USPS REVEALS: new stamp designs

I discovered through one of my many blogs that illustrator and letterer extraordinaire Jessica Hische designed a new love stamp for usps. If you are a detail perfectionist or interested in all things paper, then you understand how a stamp can make or break a design. A beautifully designed stamp can really make a difference - it is the final touch after hours of design, calligraphy, cutting, pasting, etc. Here is her gorgeous, hand-letter stamp that will be available next year:
The usps blog is revealing the new 2012 stamps once a day and Jessica's was one of those released along with many more unique designs. More are still to be unveiled!

As I was browsing the usps store, I decided to take a peek at the current stamps. Low and behold, what did they have? Pioneers of Industrial Design panes! (if you didn't know, I graduated from Auburn with my industrial design degree) They aren't fancy or beautiful, but special in that they provide you with a taste of history through our everyday products. 
I also really like these colorful and organic love stamps:
I think the post office has really stepped up the design of their stamps. A lot of the designs are much more graphic and illustrated than before and it is quite refreshing. Here are a few more that caught my eye:
I'm not a nascar fan, but the yellow and striking design is so captivating. 

go tigers!
so much better than the traditional flag stamp
These butterfly stamps are more than the average stamp, but would be perfect for sending wedding invites that require more postage. The size is so dramatic and would make such a statement!