Tuesday, August 2, 2011

USPS REVEALS: new stamp designs

I discovered through one of my many blogs that illustrator and letterer extraordinaire Jessica Hische designed a new love stamp for usps. If you are a detail perfectionist or interested in all things paper, then you understand how a stamp can make or break a design. A beautifully designed stamp can really make a difference - it is the final touch after hours of design, calligraphy, cutting, pasting, etc. Here is her gorgeous, hand-letter stamp that will be available next year:
The usps blog is revealing the new 2012 stamps once a day and Jessica's was one of those released along with many more unique designs. More are still to be unveiled!

As I was browsing the usps store, I decided to take a peek at the current stamps. Low and behold, what did they have? Pioneers of Industrial Design panes! (if you didn't know, I graduated from Auburn with my industrial design degree) They aren't fancy or beautiful, but special in that they provide you with a taste of history through our everyday products. 
I also really like these colorful and organic love stamps:
I think the post office has really stepped up the design of their stamps. A lot of the designs are much more graphic and illustrated than before and it is quite refreshing. Here are a few more that caught my eye:
I'm not a nascar fan, but the yellow and striking design is so captivating. 

go tigers!
so much better than the traditional flag stamp
These butterfly stamps are more than the average stamp, but would be perfect for sending wedding invites that require more postage. The size is so dramatic and would make such a statement!

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