Friday, September 30, 2011

PHI MU ALUMNI: fall phi-esta

I wanted to share these fun gift items I designed for my college sorority's fall membership drive. It was themed "PHI-ESTA" and held at a local mexican restaurant. I designed these pink (of course!) koozies and labels for cupcake boxes as a 'thank you' for each girl. I think they turned out cute, and delicious!

Please let me know if you, or your organization, is interested in any design work! Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Through this amazing new website called Pinterest (not sure if you have heard about it yet), I have discovered some awesome products that have instantly been added to my 'wish list' or other boards. By repinning the new item you are lusting over, it almost feels as though you did actually purchase it! It is amazing. 

But, what is even better is actually purchasing it ... getting to personally bond with the new item ... to have and hold, from this day forward. And that I did with this new, beautiful gold camera strap! I first saw this one on Pinterest through a friend:
I love the colors, fringe, and style this bohemian strap can add to your camera. But after browsing through the seller's Etsy shop I then discovered a metallic gold one! And then, I just couldn't resist. Here she is attached to my dslr:

please excuse the iphone photos

I never would have found these beauties without Pinterest! [FACT: Pinterest can be dangerous to the check book AMEX] Here are some of my other fabulous finds I am currently obsessing over:

Do you have any fabulous finds you would like to share? 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

B&A: the STUDY - DONE!

Well ... after several weeks of "I am going to post pictures soon" and "this is my weekend goal", I finally have pictures of the updated study. Last, I shared pictures of the new china cabinet and I was waiting to add some final touches before I revealed the rest of the room. If you remember, the study/front porch looked like this when we first moved in:
It was a deep sage green painted over wood paneling. The darker tone made this small study seem even smaller. I really wanted to lighten up the room and update it so I decided on vertical stripes to play off of the existing paneling.
 my first, of a several, coats of white paint
The final stripes with Brandon's "old faithful" desk he found in the trash dumpster. The room looks so lonely, right?! And here is the final room:
I purchased this dark stained, masculine desk at I.O. Metro and it quickly replaced "old faithful." Being able to lift that chunk-er and move it out was the hardest part! The new desk is the perfect size for the wall and adds a heavy piece to anchor the room. 
I found these modern, mint green lamps floating the blog world and I was immediately hooked. I love the geometric shape and variety of colors Robert Abbey offers. I knew this saturated tone (pistachio) would look great with the soft stripes and I thought the trendy style would provide great contrast for Melrose's rustic decor. 
 This is a beautiful picture of two elders in the oldest tribe in Africa, Masai, taken by the talented Eric Chapman (he also shot my bridal portraits that Abode Love featured!) I love the colors, history, and composition in his original photograph.
 butterflies are always cool and trendy ...
 I found this framed doily at a local antique shop in Homewood
 also surrounding - Brandon and I on the honeymoon, my favorite pet, Greta, and a series of crosses I transfered from graves while traveling abroad in Ireland
War Eagle! Brandon and I celebrating our National Championship win in Arizona.
 Here is the reading nook! Can't say I have used it much so far ... but I hope to! I can imagine a cold winter day where I curl up with a good book and a glass of wine ... yes, one day soon. 
 Don't laugh - I know my orange tree is a little shabby right now, but give him a little time and he will flourish (hopefully!).  I was so ecstatic to find this extra large white planter at Target. I wanted something simple, but large enough to make a statement.
I love this vintage inspired moroccan foot stool I found at At Home in Homewood. It has a tad bit of orange in the pattern so I have started echoing that around the study. One thing I love about a saturated color palette is that is allows you to add as much "pops of color" as you would like. 
A view of the "reading nook" from the den (through the old window). I ordered this flowers poster from this fabulous Etsy shop that prints large format photographs in half tones. This creates a black and white dot pattern that almost seems vintage. I framed it in a simple poster frame from Target

I decided to bring that orange into the china cabinet as well. I found some beautiful taper candles to place on the giraffes. 
Check out that bowl of rope! Remember my inspiration? After seeing that picture, I decided to use this punch bowl I registered for as a part of my decor while not in use. Can I say resourceful? And space saver?
That's it so far! There is still a few tid bits I would like to add, but I am really happy with how the study has turned out so far. Thanks for tuning in!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 DOWN ...

Here is a sneak peek of my DIY jewelry I am working on this week ...
The hex nut bracelet turned out pretty cute and not too hard. Don't worry, I will post instructions and supplies needed for all you interested in making your own DIY jewelry.

Have you seen shops selling similar friendship bracelets??? WOW ... if I can make this much making these then I may just quit my day job ... they are all super cute too! Maybe I should start taking orders?
$35-65 at etsy shop RAVEL

These bracelets have been featured in US Weekly, Self, Lucky, and Fitness! 

$35-205 at etsy shop bfrend
I have seen this shop featured on several blogs lately. 

It is evident these chunky bracelets are a huge trend right now ... are you joining in???

Thursday, September 15, 2011


There has been so much chitter chatter on pinterest lately about the stacking bracelet trend (or as some people call it - "an arm party") and I think I am jumping on the bandwagon. The bigger, bolder, chunkier, gold-er :: the better. And, in effort to be financial friendly a lot of people have starting making their own to layer. I created a DIY board to house all of my funky finds in hopes it will inspire me to tackle one.

Dana and I have collected almost all the supplies to make a few DIY jewelry projects, but we are still searching for a few supplies. Here are some of my favorite pinterest DIY jewelry ideas:
Rope & Hex Nut bracelet via truly smitten, or another take on this bracelet could be used with leather or suede (below).

 This chain & rhinestone bracelet is one of my favorites, but it has been difficult finding the right chain. We are on attempt #2 so I will let you know how it turns out! via i-spy-diy

These friendship bracelets are a total throwback to middle school, but I love the updated look with the metallic thread. via honestly wtf

Wrap bracelet - everything fabulous via honestly wtf

braided beaded bracelet via henry happened

I have a few of these on my to-do list and I will share my finished products + where to find supplies if you are interested. Have you made any of these? If so, what is your favorite? 

If you have any other good tutorials, please share! Check out my DIY board for more fun projects.