Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 DOWN ...

Here is a sneak peek of my DIY jewelry I am working on this week ...
The hex nut bracelet turned out pretty cute and not too hard. Don't worry, I will post instructions and supplies needed for all you interested in making your own DIY jewelry.

Have you seen shops selling similar friendship bracelets??? WOW ... if I can make this much making these then I may just quit my day job ... they are all super cute too! Maybe I should start taking orders?
$35-65 at etsy shop RAVEL

These bracelets have been featured in US Weekly, Self, Lucky, and Fitness! 

$35-205 at etsy shop bfrend
I have seen this shop featured on several blogs lately. 

It is evident these chunky bracelets are a huge trend right now ... are you joining in???


  1. LOVE these!! I have to know how/what/where so I can do my own!

  2. Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry i'd like your blog! excellent! thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with us.