Thursday, September 22, 2011

B&A: the STUDY - DONE!

Well ... after several weeks of "I am going to post pictures soon" and "this is my weekend goal", I finally have pictures of the updated study. Last, I shared pictures of the new china cabinet and I was waiting to add some final touches before I revealed the rest of the room. If you remember, the study/front porch looked like this when we first moved in:
It was a deep sage green painted over wood paneling. The darker tone made this small study seem even smaller. I really wanted to lighten up the room and update it so I decided on vertical stripes to play off of the existing paneling.
 my first, of a several, coats of white paint
The final stripes with Brandon's "old faithful" desk he found in the trash dumpster. The room looks so lonely, right?! And here is the final room:
I purchased this dark stained, masculine desk at I.O. Metro and it quickly replaced "old faithful." Being able to lift that chunk-er and move it out was the hardest part! The new desk is the perfect size for the wall and adds a heavy piece to anchor the room. 
I found these modern, mint green lamps floating the blog world and I was immediately hooked. I love the geometric shape and variety of colors Robert Abbey offers. I knew this saturated tone (pistachio) would look great with the soft stripes and I thought the trendy style would provide great contrast for Melrose's rustic decor. 
 This is a beautiful picture of two elders in the oldest tribe in Africa, Masai, taken by the talented Eric Chapman (he also shot my bridal portraits that Abode Love featured!) I love the colors, history, and composition in his original photograph.
 butterflies are always cool and trendy ...
 I found this framed doily at a local antique shop in Homewood
 also surrounding - Brandon and I on the honeymoon, my favorite pet, Greta, and a series of crosses I transfered from graves while traveling abroad in Ireland
War Eagle! Brandon and I celebrating our National Championship win in Arizona.
 Here is the reading nook! Can't say I have used it much so far ... but I hope to! I can imagine a cold winter day where I curl up with a good book and a glass of wine ... yes, one day soon. 
 Don't laugh - I know my orange tree is a little shabby right now, but give him a little time and he will flourish (hopefully!).  I was so ecstatic to find this extra large white planter at Target. I wanted something simple, but large enough to make a statement.
I love this vintage inspired moroccan foot stool I found at At Home in Homewood. It has a tad bit of orange in the pattern so I have started echoing that around the study. One thing I love about a saturated color palette is that is allows you to add as much "pops of color" as you would like. 
A view of the "reading nook" from the den (through the old window). I ordered this flowers poster from this fabulous Etsy shop that prints large format photographs in half tones. This creates a black and white dot pattern that almost seems vintage. I framed it in a simple poster frame from Target

I decided to bring that orange into the china cabinet as well. I found some beautiful taper candles to place on the giraffes. 
Check out that bowl of rope! Remember my inspiration? After seeing that picture, I decided to use this punch bowl I registered for as a part of my decor while not in use. Can I say resourceful? And space saver?
That's it so far! There is still a few tid bits I would like to add, but I am really happy with how the study has turned out so far. Thanks for tuning in!


  1. I love the study. Your whole house is beautiful!

  2. Love your blog, love this room, LLOOVVEE that foot stool! I have been searching the web relentlessly for something similar! No luck yet...keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  3. Hi Katie Beth, what paint colors did you use for the stripes?? Hoping to do something similar in my home office!

    1. Hey Elizabeth! I used BM's Grant Beige and White Dove for the stripes. Hope this helps! Thanks for following.