Thursday, September 29, 2011


Through this amazing new website called Pinterest (not sure if you have heard about it yet), I have discovered some awesome products that have instantly been added to my 'wish list' or other boards. By repinning the new item you are lusting over, it almost feels as though you did actually purchase it! It is amazing. 

But, what is even better is actually purchasing it ... getting to personally bond with the new item ... to have and hold, from this day forward. And that I did with this new, beautiful gold camera strap! I first saw this one on Pinterest through a friend:
I love the colors, fringe, and style this bohemian strap can add to your camera. But after browsing through the seller's Etsy shop I then discovered a metallic gold one! And then, I just couldn't resist. Here she is attached to my dslr:

please excuse the iphone photos

I never would have found these beauties without Pinterest! [FACT: Pinterest can be dangerous to the check book AMEX] Here are some of my other fabulous finds I am currently obsessing over:

Do you have any fabulous finds you would like to share? 


  1. Katie,

    I have a camera strap that I ordered back in the spring from the same etsy seller.

    Great minds.

    Check it out. I posted about it.

    Love the metallic one!!

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