Monday, August 8, 2011

STAY TUNED: update

So ... I know all of you have been dying to know what was in that big box and I believe I am ready to share, partially. My main "decorating" focus lately has been Melrose's striped study. Last I shared about this room, I had transformed this former porch from pea green to chic white and taupe vertical stripes. The lighter tones truly brightened the entire room!

I have lots more to share on this room very soon, but to kill the suspense and misery -- Melrose now has a much needed tall china cabinet. Living in an older home the cabinet space is very sparse and this became a problem when trying to store our newlywed china and stemware. I was on the search for awhile, but I found an amazing deal, and surprisingly, Brandon was even pleased with the price!

Here are some close ups of the new piece. One of my favorite features is the dainty, brass handles. Beautiful, strong hardware can definitely make an impression.
Check out my yellow national geographic magazines (inherited by marriage) -- I love the splash of yellow they add, and paired with my The Help book ... the two pops of color balance each other amongst the whites and creams of my fine china. 

sorry, I know that picture is blurry, but I think it is so fun to see our married monogram on these salad plates
My giraffes need some candles ... and I hope to inset an old rope in the glass punch bowl.  Maybe in my follow up post! And man, how I love my Annie Glass pieces ... that etched gold rim with the soft teal is gorgeous. 
I found the piece at Wisteria while they were running a sale and it arrived four days after placed the order (sorry, it is no longer available). Not having to wait a few months was almost as good as the price! I love how the rustic, gray finish compliments the dining room and the study. Wait 'til you see what else it compliments! Stay tuned ... again!


  1. Looks gorgeous! I LOVE the giraffes and your custom fine china.

  2. i love it! super pretty!
    and i'm only a little bit jealous. it's perfection in my book!

  3. Beautiful job tying it all together.... Serene, yet lively at the same time. I especially love the arrangement of your lovely china. Nicely done!