Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In an effort to use up my last few days of vacation, I am off 1/2 day Thursday and all of Friday! I am hoping to make some rounds to my fav furniture shops here in Birmingham during my time off. I am in search for some bedroom furniture and a console for an open wall in the dining room. 

Console issue: We have a 64" wide wall that butts up to the doorway to the kitchen, but the problem is - we only have a 6" depth allowance because the doorway is RIGHT THERE. Nothing needs to jut out further and limit the doorway space. I have been searching everywhere! I have found awesome pieces that would fill the space beautifully, but then they are like 15" deep or even 12" deep ... and that just won't work! So, I am searching this week! If you know of anything that fits this criteria, please let me know.

I am hoping to combine storage and a bar area within this piece. I have registered for some awesome decanters, tumblers, and trays that I would love to display on this. Here are some inspiration images that I have been referencing:

I really like the size of this piece and the open shelving. I really like the wine glass organization and serving dish display. White may be a little too modern for my dining room. Notice the bar setup on the left and the pretty arrangement on the right - I like it! [via made by girl]

I really like this thin, metal frame piece. [unknown]

I think I could make something similar to this linen covered console. Very chic and lots of hideaway storage! [domino mag via dress, design, decor]

I love these bar carts, but I don't think one would be substantial enough against my wall.


I will let you know if I find anything! After my furniture hunt, I am headed to the beach for the weekend. Busy, busy with lots of design projects - still trying to snap pictures to share!


  1. The cubby look is a really good idea...we are definitely having storage issues! We finally just had to pack a bunch of things in totes and put in the attic!

  2. good luck with the search! hope you find something.