Friday, August 13, 2010


Lately I have spent a lot of time online and looking through catalogs of one of my favorite stores: Pottery Barn. And for what may you ask - ah, yes, my wedding registry. PB is one of my favorite home stores along with Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and any one of a kind antique store - if only you could register at those places as well. Anthropologie has my whole heart and I would spend a lot more money there if they would lower those prices ;) *note - watch the sale rooms/racks, you can find some great deals!

Melrose has a long way to go, but I am hoping some of the items will help her revolve quicker. Here are some of my favorite items so far:
Terra cotta pots and wooden tray - I love that these look rustic and worn. These will be very cute on the leaning bookshelf in the den next to my rusty shears and garden fork.

Wool Jacquard and throw (not pictured) - I really love the soft, mono-tone color palette and hints of shimmer. I believe these will live in the mauve-gray guest room.

Emma dinnerware - yes, this is our casual ware (I think!) in white. I did accent a yellow round platter with it though! I like the simplicity of it - nothing too ornate or feminine, but the cups and saucers are too cute!

Gallery prints - remember by print and photography post? Hopefully I can accomplish one with these! I like an assortment - white frames, black, and the wood with burlap.

Basket wall art - this thing is huge! I can picture it above the buffet here surrounded with other baskets and hats. 

PB essential quilt - I think this collection used to have a different name but I have always wanted it. It is so fluffy and soft and I love the tufts. This will also live in my office/guest room.

These are just a few of Pottery Barn's lovely collection. If you have any other suggestions please share! 

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