Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have always wanted to do something "unique" and humorous for my girl friends when asking them to be a bridesmaid. Through all the wedding blog searching I eventually found the perfect idea! I made it my own and spruced the idea up a bit and this is what I gave each girl:
I created "bridesmaid" wine with a tag saying "will you toast with me ...". I thought it turned out super cute and it is something all my girls can use! ;) The bridesmaid label has several synonyms of the role as a bridesmaid - in my opinion ...  I'm just sayin'. (just kidding girls :: click on images to enlarge)

I did run into a tiny problem with 2 girls that live in Rhode Island and Georgia - you cannot ship wine across state lines! Apparently that is boot legging, or something!?!? So, back to the drawing board - after much deliberation and brainstorming I ended up making them a message in a bottle

Yes, I even crinkled the paper and burned the edges to make it seem real. I bet they thought I found it washed up on the beaches of Florida. I also included 5 bucks for the wine I got to drink instead of them!

And, today my maids' dresses were waiting at Melrose and they are gorgeous! I knew I wanted different styles and tones, so when the time came to choose JCrew had the perfect selection and colors. Here is a sneak peek of the beautiful array of color tones: 

I have some of the best girl friends someone could ask for and could not choose a better group of girls to share in the excitement of the engagement and wedding with. We have all shared some exciting times, crazy and wild moments, scary adventures, sad experiences, family issues, boy troubles, hilarious fights - but that is what makes us friends ... there through the thick and thin! I love each and every one of you and thanks for agreeing to stand with me on February 26th! 


  1. Can't wait to see the dresses in person! Love you kb and so honored to be a 'maid xoxo

    enjoyed that wine fo sho

  2. I loved my bottle of wine. I sipped it while thinking of different tasks I will be forced to do for you, as I am but a peon, slave, gopher...

    Also, loving the sneak peak of the dresses! I can't wait to check them out in person!

  3. holy cow- the dresses are to DIE for. Colors are perfect! I also love your solution to sending wine over state lines... too funny! Can't wait to see MORE!

  4. i love the bridesmaid dresses colors, too! even more beautiful seeing them in "real life" on your blog.