Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have this really pretty wooden round mirror I purchased at Scott's last fall and I have not found a home for it yet and it is driving me crazy! I got it for a super awesome deal of $25 and then saw the same mirror in the other building going for $200 - I was pretty impressed. This is my purchase:

I was just flipping through my collected inspiration files and found some good suggestions. Now, I just need a piece of furniture to pair it with!

If mine was bigger ... [vogue via destined to design]

I want a folding bar table so badly! [unknown]

Tiny and petite. [urban grace]

Or a whole wall of mirrors! I think this works very well for a bathroom and the tiny shelving helps keep them aligned. [martha stewart via this is glamorous]

Love the balance of the mirror + lamp. [decor8]

above a mantel ... [lonny mag]

If a folding (or rolling) bar cart comes into my possession in the next bit, I think that will be my choice for my mirror to hang above. Until then, may she rest peacefully under the bed. 

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