Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, I know I haven't posted in over a week - or something like that - but I have been super busy! Between my invitations, a friend's invitations, birthday invitations, a friend's logo, and Auburn football - I have been swamped! But, loving every minute of it! 

I have been saving this link for a while now and am just now coming around to posting about this beautiful, white and gray letterpressed wedding suite. They are designed by Mitchell & Dent out of Australia and have lots of gorgeous options. I love the simplicity of the type faces and the delicate illustration in the monogram they created. It is available in other colors, but the gray is my favorite - of course. Check out these amazing images:

Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage tea cup set used in the photography. Sorta reminds me of the pieces I featured in my fine china post a while back. I would love to have a mix-matched set of pieces similar to these! So cute on display.

Stay tuned for photos of my recent invitation designs - coming soon, I hope! ;)

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