Friday, July 30, 2010

fine CHINA

On top of all the other big wedding decisions, lately I have been trying to pick out my our fine china to register for. Honestly, this (registering) and looking at honeymoon spots may be my favorite things so far! Since I am super organized and picky, I have been researching everything before I actually register. I pretty much have everything decided on, so now I just need to do it.

The other day I stumbled upon Kelly Wearstler's fabulous china patterns. They are gorgeous! Only if I could afford them...

I LOVE all the patterns - and I love how the second picture mix and matches them. Yay for gold! How cute would an array of these teacups (or any variety) be displayed like this:

I have seen several of these tree stands floating around antique shops and I always wondered what I could do with one of those...[simple + pretty]

But, if I had to pick a set it would be:

I visited Macy's the other day and this Kate Spade pattern stole my heart:

You can hardly tell, but the rim has a matte cobblestone pattern (similar to the black background in both pictures) that is so discreet it is perfect. I love that it is simple with a hint of something special when the light hits it just right. I also found these cute "tidbit" plates to mix and match within the set.

Look for both of these Kate Spade items on my future wedding "wish list". Wedding website coming soon!

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