Monday, July 19, 2010


[Matt Albiani via Habitually Chic]

I found this awesome picture this morning while skimming my morning blogs and it instantly sparked an idea. I have noticed designers covering books with either brown or white kraft paper (yes, just like in high school when you were required to cover textbooks) to fill bookshelves consistently, but I have not seen both before. I appreciate the uniform look, but I also enjoy variety so this approach really caught my attention. 

Melrose's study has a built in white bookshelf and I have been debating on what to fill it with and I think I may follow this inspiration. I have my "real" books on display in the den. Could this same idea be applied with newspaper as well? Old news, brown kraft, and white matte - good combo?

Here are some more similar images:

These remind me of catalogs - I may have to do this with my Southern Living magazines! [unknown]

I like these use of these crates - either these books are in the same collection or have been wrapped with paper. Either way, I like the consistency. [a life's design]

National Geographic magazines? I love how the yellow pops in a neutral room. [unknown]

I don't read enough to have enough books to cover and fill just yet, but a quick stop by an antique shop or yard sale can fix this!

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  1. they look cool, but never in a million years could I wrap that many books...