Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am so stoked, I got a new camera for my bday and I absolutely love it! I have been wanting to share more photos of my invitation projects, but my small power shot camera does not do them justice! So, I did a little researching (and with help from a co-worker) asked for this baby for my bday/Christmas:
It is not the newest Canon DSLR model, but it was the most bang for my buck. I got a package deal with a basic zoom lens, but I just ordered a 50 mm macro lens for everyday shooting. It came in this week and I have all ready photographed 2 invitation sets to post! So be on the lookout!

I am hoping my product photography turns out similar to these:

She has the best recipes! [pioneer woman]

I have all ready noticed that the pictures I have taken are so much more vivid and crisp. Plus, I love the blurry background that you can create! Stay tuned for better images!


  1. What model did you decide on? I am in the market and trying to decide on which one has the best bang for the buck. Also, congrats on your engagement, and loving the blog! (p.s. we met at open door, st. patties day wkend... friend of Allison Pavey's.) keep up the great work!

  2. Hey! I am glad you found my blog and thanks for reading. Your picture frames are too cute - such a good idea! I got the Canon XS - the XSI is the newest model, but more expensive. My co-worker said there isn't that much difference to be concerned about so I saved some money and purchased a 50 mm lens. Very good investment I would say!