Tuesday, June 7, 2011


With summer in full swing I have really been itching to do some out door entertaining (when it isn't 100 degrees). Problem is, Melrose is really lacking in the backyard area. Currently she has a a great lot for entertaining with a large stone patio, but no furniture. I need a game plan so next summer will be full of summer parties!

So, I have been brainstorming on what to do with the stone pad and what would be ideal for relaxing during the year. Here are some beautiful photos I have found while browsing pinterest lately:

 love how the vines have created a canopy overhead ...

 grape vine climbing on trellis
and, my favorite ...
Love, love, love this simple arbor with greenery - perfect for summer parties. The furniture layout is perfect and I like the combo of dining and relaxing. And the fireplace too - wow, perfection! Would love to have this someday.

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  1. hello! I'm a new follower on here and pinterest. found your blog through abode love. now I'm combing thourgh your archives and looking at your house. It's beautiful and I really love your design Aesthetic(sp?) and the pretty pictures you post for inspiration! I espeacially love the last one wiht the trellis and fireplace. My BF doesn't understand Arbors or Trellises. I keep telling him they are for design purposes. He's thinking it should be more functional and have more shade. haha! Men, they don't understand design. We don't need it for shade taht much up here in Chicago, it doesn't get as hot as it does down by you.

    you can follow me on pinterest if you want!