Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well, I finally did it! I created a "logo" for myself. No, I am not starting my own business, but I just wanted a little tag that I can use on invitations, personal stationary, thank you cards, etc. that I design. Some items, depending on the quantity, I can print at home my office ;) and I can simply print the logo on the piece, but on items I get printed, I will use a stamp to incorporate my logo. I just ordered the stamp in 3 different sizes so I can't wait to see it!

I thought about tying in Melrose to the logo but after a few attempts, I just decided it wasn't working so I moved on. I wanted to handwrite (and put my calligraphy classes to use) "the good stuff" so I just played around with the words until I found a format I liked. Here are some early sketches from my idea book:

[sorry for the quality, taken from my iphone]

Since I had the grass "squiggles" stemming from "good stuff" I thought a branch with a birdie would be the perfect accent. Here is the final logo in black/white and color:

What do you think? I will be creating a gadget on my sidebar with my information if you want to contact me for any personal design work. I am shooting some more of my pieces tomorrow so hopefully I can share some more of my recent projects. 


  1. I love your logo... so cute.

    I think you should share the invitation suite that you did for me. It was so pretty (even if I'm a little bias). I think it would make for a great blog post!

  2. I agree! That is what I am hoping to shoot today - I wanted a professional photographer (a co-worker) to shoot those beauties...I am hoping to post it asap!

  3. Can you make me a logo for our blog? I love the look of this and your recent invite. I will pay you...Let me know if this is something you are interested in. Thanks!