Monday, June 28, 2010


I believe every girl needs their own vanity. A place to pamper themselves while they get ready and display all their pretty jewels. Whether it sits against a wall in the master bedroom, or creates a pretty environment in the guest bedroom, or doubles as a nightstand, they will always be put to good use. 

For my future vanity, so far I have collected a mirrored jewelry box from Target and a silhouette painting I did of an Aubrey Hepburn type girl. I want a big mirror to sit on top of the dresser and lean against the wall. First, I need a dresser, but until then here are some of my favorite inspiration images.

Re-create this display with teacups and bowls from Anthropologie? [live creating yourself via 6th street design school]

I want that acrylic stool! [peacock feathers]

LOVE both of the following mirrors. Big and bold with a few accompanying items. 
[photographer atlanta bartlett]


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