Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Isn't this a cool take on using an old, rustic ladder in your home? My dad has a really cool wooden ladder with lots of paint splatters that was his dad's that I have been eyeing lately. Unfortunately, he actually still uses the ladder so I will just have to wait til a rung breaks - or maybe I should replace it with a sturdier metal one and then he could part with it?

I just thought it would be neat opened up in a corner (similar to this picture) in the striped study with books stacked horizontal and vertical. The only problem would be it needs to be an area without a lot of traffic flow since the opened legs will take up a lot of room. 

I am also intrigued by 1-leg  ladders propped against a wall with items hanging over the rungs. I like how this picture has newspapers draped over the rails.

I thought a ladder like this would also be a good storage solution for light blankets. I have an open wall next to the front door and I am debating on what to put there. I have considered leaning a ladder (like the picture above) and hanging an umbrella, scarves, and jackets strategically over the rungs. I also thought about hammering in a few nails along the vertical leg to hang keys on??? What do you think? Could jackets get too messy on there? It wouldn't be a ton because the coat closet is next to the wall as well. Just something to consider...

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  1. I like it!! def. the last part, just leaning on wall...you'd have to have a good spot for one to open up and not be in way, or take up too much space. probably wouldn't be able to tell til you tried one out.