Thursday, May 6, 2010


Recently, I purchased a desk for "my" office in one of the guest bedrooms. Brandon has his own desk in the study with his computer, filing cabinet, etc. But, don't be fooled, his ever-so-beautiful [laminate] wooden desk that he COULD NOT part with was found outside the Sigma Nu house because it was going to be thrown away. (side note: I did not discover this secret until Brandon was bragging on it to his Uncle about 2 months ago! The whole time I basically thought this was a family heirloom from his childhood!) . I think Brandon asked himself, "How could anyone throw this beauty away? This is a gem!" and since then she has made her way from Auburn to Montgomery, to now Birmingham where she rests. Hopefully she will R.I.P. oneday! ;)

The room is painted a mauve gray and I want to accent the room with lots of golds and white so I wanted something simple and not too harsh. I collected desk images of designer's and blogger's work areas to inspire me. Oh the day when I can work at my desk all day and blog and design as I desire. Until then, here are some of my favorites:


[nate burkus' desk via cote de teaxs]

Obviously, I am attracted to the sawhorse desk and that is the direction I decided to go in. I ordered this desk from West Elm:

I love the sleek black frame and the glass top, plus it fit the designated wall perfectly. Now, I just need a chair. Any suggestions? I am looking for a white fabric tufted chair. Until then, I am temporarily using 1 of the 2 dining chairs we have. 

I have also been collecting images of offices in general and focusing on the storage supplies, arrangements, inspiration boards, filing cabinets, etc. and will share those in a future post. I have basically set up my office and will post pictures asap. 

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