Monday, May 24, 2010


Brandon has been working hard in the yard and it is a-maz-ing. Seriously, the grass is SO green (in the front yard) you would think you were on a golf course! Maybe it is because I accidently sprayed a whole container of Miracle Gro on the lawn - or maybe it is because Brandon takes pride in his yard. Definitely the later of the two...

Here is Brandon in action and admiring his work. 

We really have some work to do in the backyard if we want our grass to look as great as the front yard. We just have lots of dirt patches and empty flower beds. I hope to fix the flower beds this weekend, but in the meantime Brandon has kept it very clean cut. Along the back fence we had a lot of shrubbery that had just "taken over." Brandon got busy on it basically cut down an entire tree.

The flowers Mom and I planted are growing like a weed (ha)! Their colors are so vibrant and make the lawn look so pretty. I just hope they don't die. This is my first, true experiment at gardening so I hope it goes well. 

Check out the overflowing rose bush around the mailbox. Beautiful! Also, over the weekend I noticed that my hostas we planted have buds. I can't wait to see the flowers that bloom - it's a surprise!

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