Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Along with the farm table, I love mismatched dining chairs. My favorite combination is currently metal chairs paired with simple, bent wood chairs. Here are some inspiration images I found:
I really like these wooden chairs. Simple shape with a bent wood frame. [greige]

I love the bench on one side. I contemplated on that idea, but it was quickly nixed. ;) But, I still like the mix of the wooden and metal chairs here. [greige]
I also really like the shape of these chairs. [a life's design].

Who knew dining chairs were so expensive? Not me! But, I actually feel like I have found some good deals for my farm table. 

My first purchase for the table was 2 metal chairs from an antique store in Homewood (Peck & Hills Antiques). Since then I have been on a major search for 4 wooden chairs to accompany them. The dining table has pretty chunky legs so there can be no arm rails or large seats. I need simple and petite. After looking all over (seriously!), I finally decided on these:
Simple, bent frame, wooden...PERFECTION! Don't be alarmed, yes, they are from Restoration Hardware, but I have researched a lot and these are actually the cheapest chair in this style! Yes, I was shocked too! Just goes to show that if you take time to research and check all your options (regardless of reputation), you may be surprised in the end. And, who doesn't like to save money? Check out these look alikes for almost double the price:

$179 each [viva terra]

At Urban Outfitter's sister site, Terrain, for $228 each! [terrain]

My metal chairs are actually identical to Viva Terra's bistro chair, but were purchased at half the price! Steal!

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