Friday, May 7, 2010


I designed an invitation, t-shirt, and koozie for my friend Jessica's bachelorette weekend. The party was at the beach (Destin, Florida) and I wanted to incorporate the location into the look without being too "beach-y" generic. Blue is the main color in Jessica's wedding so that was our (the fabulous MOH, Deidra) start. The designed morphed into a 60's, retro, sunburst feel and I really dig it, do you?

[this was my first picture collage so I apologize for any quality issues.]

You can check out Jessica's full re-cap of the weekend here and here. It was a pretty awesome time if you ask me. Jessica's wedding is next weekend and I can't wait! I also designed Jessica's wedding suite and I will share those pictures later. They are beautiful, if I have to say so myself.

P.S. if you check out Jessica's blog, I designed her blog header too :)


  1. It's all fabulous! I'm selling all my KB gear on Ebay--the bidding is HOTT!

  2. Oh, I for sure dig it. Apparently you are my "go to" person for all things design related.

    Thanks for the links back to SFJ. ha.

    Can't wait for this weekend!!!

  3. The collage really displays the whole theme/flow of everything you designed. It fits Jessica-perfect.

    PS anyone want their baby-tee I'll be bringing them with me this weekend, might as well sport them proudly!!