Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It has been a mystery as of what type of roses were growing up Melrose's mailbox, but this past weekend the mystery was solved! We had our first few blooms and they are too stinkin' cute! How do I know it was mystery roses growing up the post? That is because my mom, with the green thumb, spotted tiny thorns along the stems and knew exactly was they were.

I can't wait to see the entire bush full of roses! There are tons of buds on the vines so I am sure they will be blooming very soon. The roses are very petite and their color matches perfectly with Melrose's front door. As for the other plants and flowers around the house, our azaleas have all fallen off (now it is time to trim them back), the tulips have bloomed and deceased, the hard rain this past weekend knocked the petals off of 2 of the 3 sets of yellow flowers, and the squirrels keep digging holes in the soil and bark chips around the flowers. Goodness, I never realized keeping up with flowers was so much work!

For the future, I hope to plant a tea olive bush in a gap outside the front door and some hydrangeas in the backyard. I LOVE the smell of tea olives - they may not be that pretty but they sure do exhale a fresh, springy scent that makes my day.
You can clearly see what is left of our azalea bushes on the brick walkway. Sad day. 
[please ignore the crazy pink ghost that decided to make an appearance in the photos, and the quality - taken from iphone]


  1. Love the roses on the mailbox! so cute!

  2. There are SO many more now! You need to come check them out!