Monday, March 5, 2012


Now that the sun is starting to prevail over the overcast clouds and rainy days, I am really getting anxious for summertime. I feel a little guilty all ready pleading for hot, sunny days considering we haven't even experienced a true winter, but I'm a summer girl! I am really working hard on Brandon to get permission to do a little work on our backyard this Spring. I posted last year about how I really want an arbor above our stone patio - and that is still on the list, but I am hoping to also include some landscaping and possibly a stone fireplace! I would love to be able to entertain outside and enjoy a fire on a chilly night.

I have been pinning a lot of outdoor inspiration lately and I am loving the creative ways people are using outdoor pavers and tile. We currently have an area full of pebbles (used to be for parking) that we would love to remove and lay down sod, but I am thinking this would be an awesome alternative. What do you think?
 this whole set up is beautiful ... take me there ... now
 chevron pattern using pavers? I like this idea ... 
 checkerboard style alternating tiles and grass
I really like the idea of having a patterned stone area similar to these and an open area of grass. Maybe I can work this out and convince Brandon how amazing it will be, and worth the investment! So beyond removing all the stone and laying sod + tile, I would love a stone fireplace. Here are some beautiful inspiration photos from my pinterest board
this is a cute, quaint area to relax and entertain
 or do you prefer modern and abstract?
 check out the fireplace in the background ... I think this is my favorite photo even though it isn't in full focus. I like the firewood storage on either side and the darker brick.
 now this outdoor kitchen is amazing, a food lovers dream, but not reasonable for us! I am totally digging the arbor with furniture and the fireplace at the foot ... very similar to the layout I want. 
 white washed brick!? ya'll know I love white ...

Do any of ya'll know of a reasonable landscape architect (in the Birmingham area) who does similar projects to these that I can contact? I am hoping to call and get some prices to see what we can do. Wish me luck! (especially in persuading Brandon ...)

all sources via my pinterest board


  1. Love these pictures of patterns with grass! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the chevron one! Gorgeous pics!! I love your blog. I'm now following :)



    1. Thanks Jen! You have a super cute blog too - I love the beach as well!