Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We returned home from our anniversary trip late last Monday and ever since I have been going non-stop! I feel like I have had something to do every night of the week and lots of freelance work -- not to mention I am still exhausted from our "vacation". Skiing was an absolute blast, but it is a lot of work! Especially when it is your first time out West and your competitive husband is dragging you down blues on your first full day of skiing! Eek! 

Overall though, I think I did pretty good ... I had a few crash and burns that scared Brandon more than me, but for the most part I stayed intact and only came home with multiple bruises, a sore ankle, and a stiff jaw. We are all ready planning our next trip out West! Anyone interested?

Park City was absolutely gorgeous and we had beautiful weather - everyday consisted of blue skies and 50 degree weather. The first day was pretty hot and we had to adjust quickly and remove a few of our layers, but we were better prepared for the other days of skiing. We even came home with a little sun on our faces - such a nice surprise for the first of March. There was decent snow despite the warm temperatures and only a few low areas were slushy. We skied The Canyons our first day (where I enjoyed a half day of ski school!) and Deer Valley the last two days. Our hotel, The Hyatt Escala Lodge, was at the base of The Canyons so it was a great ski-in/ski-out option.
We enjoyed dinner two of the three nights off of Park City's Main Street. It is obviously the place to go! Our first night we ate at Wassatch Brew & Pub and it was delicious! Here we are "cheers-ing" with two of their local brews.
Here are some pictures from the rest of our trip (via our phones).
enjoying lunch and a quick beer at the base of Flagstaff Mountain
It was a great trip and what made our anniversary even more special is the gift Brandon got me! I am so excited because Brandon gave me a gift certificate for a Lulie Wallace commissioned painting. I have all ready emailed Lulie a few images from our wedding - my bouquet, bridesmaid's bouquet, and table arrangements - so I can't wait to see what she comes up with! I promise, I will share a pic because I know it will be beautiful!
And, since first anniversary gifts are "paper" it fit perfectly! I gave Brandon a few wedding pictures to put in a frame on his dresser and at work and a book that I think he will enjoy. All consist of paper :) I can get cheesy and buy in to fun challenges like yearly anniversary gifts.
What did you get/receive on your first anniversary? I would love to hear your suggestions because I racked my brain for hours before deciding on a book! I hope you all have a great week and are able to enjoy the beautiful weather! 

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  1. so glad to know someone else follows the "according to year" anniversary gift! For our first anniversary I made Chris a pinata (out of paper) and filled it with candy and had "coupons" mixed in for various things that I know he loves.

    ps. love your pics from skiing! so pretty