Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Like many of you, I have had the beautiful season of fall on my mind lately. Football season (War Eagle!), the leaves changing and falling, breezy afternoons, no more sweltering heat, and one of my good friends' favorites - pumpkin ... they all get me in the spirit of fall. I have been trying to collect some fall inspiration images to spur a festive table setting and possible mantel/fire place alteration, but my motivation hasn't kicked in just yet. I am hoping to accomplish this soon! Until then, here are some pictures that may inspire your fall decor.

[I just registered for a few fun domes w/stands at Pottery Barn]

[not positive on all images, but several are martha stewart]

Maybe it is due to a strong element in my wedding, but I am loving the use of candlelight right now. I really like the pumpkin with the holes carved out creating a creative use of candlelight and the staggering pillar candles surrounded by tiny pumpkins. Perhaps these ideas may make it into my decor?

I also spotted these uses of candlelight and thought they could be really cool for the fall as well.


Melrose has a "working" fireplace and I expect lots of cozy fires this winter so putting the candles below may not be as functional as a fun arrangement on the mantel for me. But, if you don't burn fires and want something different than the typical log arrangement, try this! Very pretty and may even put off a little heat ;)


  1. Ohhh KB! I just did a pumpkin post today too (really last night). Something must have felt like pumpkins or two great minds think alike!

    I love the cakestands with the domed cloche. I've actually been looking for some. So glad they have them at PB.

  2. I feel honored to have been linked! :) Love me some fall and pumpkins!