Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This past Friday, I traveled to Atlanta for the Country Living Fair that was held at Stone Mountain. I did not know what to expect, but I love Country Living, the outdoors, and a fair so I figured I would enjoy something. I met my mom + some other family members for a fun filled, and exhausting day! Here are some of my favorite images.
more cloches ... very popular for displaying items. that birds nest is right up my alley. in fact, I purchased a few similar ones to stash in the Christmas tree.

pretty colors!

more globes! love this unique black one!

check out this table setting - do you recognize what is holding the flowers (could also double as place card)? if you guessed vintage brass door knob then you are correct! how creative!

can't get enough of these rustic wood place mats - Dad, please? I also love the unexpected combination of the white china paired with the sterling salad plate and charger. 

wish I would have seen these for the wedding - how easy? 

There were over 150 vendors present with merchandise ranging from antiques, iron works, wreaths, home made soaps, furniture, holiday decor, and lots, lots more! Besides buying trinkets and gifts, I also ended up with some great ideas for decorating. One particular design trend caught my attention at several booths - the use of newspaper and old book pages. See what I mean ...
pages rolled up with twine to create an amazing wreath

stuffed inside a barb wire ball - note, great filler item!

hello subtle garland! can we say Christmas? perhaps draped around the tree or mantel? I think so!

I also found some beautiful hand made, real, wreaths. I wanted one so badly for Melrose, but they all seemed too big and thick so Mom said she will try her hand at making me one (hint, hint Mom!).

Mom and I did make time for a quick photo shoot next to the sky high tower of pumpkins and gourds!

And, I did make it home with a few items. I did purchase a few items but my favorites are this gorgeous, sage green lamb's ear wreath (pics to come) and these pumpkin/mum holders make out of iron.
I bought 2 baby spiders and 1 momma spider ... pardon the gazillion acorns, but apparently oak tress heart Melrose. When a big wind comes by it sounds like somebody is shooting us with a bebe gun. I just dread the day when one hits me on the head - I will probably fall out!

Thanks Mom for a fun day and I can't wait to visit next year!

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  1. so sad i didn't go too. looks like so much fun! The pics are beautiful!