Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, I finally got around to spicing up Melrose with a few fall accents and I am excited to share. It is just the dining room table, but hopefully in the future I will have more time to add fall love all around Melrose. I pulled out some old burlap I had, gathered a few large pine cones, votive candles, and purchased some pumpkins and decorative gourds. 

*side note - make sure you do NOT cook with the decorative gourds as I was informed in the grocery store. good thing she told me because these look too delicious to not slice and eat immediately. ;)

I first started out creating a center piece with a basket I had, but I did not like that. It looked too center heavy on the table. I think it would have been suitable for the coffee table.
I rearranged and settled on a scattered arrangement along the burlap runner. I am undecided on the yellow plates - they may work for fall, but I think I would be happier with my white Pottery Barn china I registered for. The yellow does create a nice contrast for the white place settings though, would they clash sitting on white? 

Here are a few of the final shots! 

It is nothing magnificent like the images I posted about earlier, but it is a start! How beautiful would a few cloches with white pumpkins be on here? Or staggered a different heights on the buffet? 

My favorite item(s) on the table are the gold plated flatware - I purchased an entire set for $9 at a local antique mall. I keep them displayed in blue mason jars on the buffet. I hope to mix some silver in there as well. They may not be your cup of tea, but I love gold and I think they are a unique option to the ordinary silver. Just something fun to bring out for the holidays!

I think next year I will replace the baby breath in the place settings to twigs or wheat branches. And possibly upgrade to some bigger candles. Do you have any images of your fall decor? If so, please comment below and share the link or email me! I love seeing new ideas!

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