Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Melrose has a fireplace. A real, wood burning fireplace in the den and I am stoked. Well, I guess we won't use it 'til the winter, but that is fine because fireplaces also double as a great decorating nooks. I love how designers, and aspiring interior decorators, are using firewood as an accessory. I immediately started collecting pictures for my own fireplace inspiration and these are my favs:

LOVE the stacked firewood on top of the grate. So messy and casually thrown in there. [habitually chic]

This is how I will accessorize my fireplace until I purchase a grate like the picture above. [nest egg]


Love the woven basket - good for storing extra firewood. [unknown]


A good friend brought me a bundle of firewood today to decorate so I hope to have pictures up soon. I was concerned about getting firewood now that the weather has warmed up, but leave it to a girl from Chelsie, Alabama to know where to find some. Thanks Janie - especially for picking out the pretty pieces for me!

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