Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is the first before and after post and the only room completely done. I can't decide if that is because it is a smaller square footage than the other rooms, or because it needed the most work? Either way, I think it turned out great and I love it. I can tell Melrose is happier too.

The previous owners updated the bathroom by installing a new granite counter top vanity and new tile flooring, but left the red paisley wall paper and boxy medicine cabinet. At first the yellow tile really scared me, but all she needed was a face lift.


goodbye red paisley

I all ready had all the hardware picked out + the color scheme. I knew I wanted to play off of the bedroom colors so I expanded from there. I chose Benjamin Moore's Horizon for the paint color. Against the yellow tile and bright lighting it appears baby blue, but in other lighting it appears more gray.

thanks mom and dad for your help!


I love mixing gold (glass jars) and silver (hardware) together. Something about the richness and contrast of both metals...throw in rose gold and you would really have a fabulous trio.

Since the bathroom leads into the bedroom, this is a small hint of the scheme for the master. Now, the yellow tile is not so bad - I actually really like it. All she needed was a new accent color.

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