Thursday, March 11, 2010


I created an inspiration board for Melrose to determine my style and refine my taste. A few of the paint swatches along the bottom have changed, but are still within the same family. I have decided that I am a "glammed" up version of french farmhouse. I love saturated colors, lots of neutrals (especially white, grays, and cream), industrial products, simplicity, and anything natural.

Along my journey of decorating Melrose and posting B&As (before and afters), I will share more inspiration images and their place of belonging. I have developed a recent addiction to blogs. Not only for house inspiration, but for design projects, fashion advice, recipes, and laughter. I will try to update the blog soon with a list of my favorites and who I follow along the right side.

(click on the image to enlarge)

[tags: 1. urban grace 2. this is glamorous 3. this is glamorous 4. this is glamorous 5. alkemie 6. pink wallpaper 7. unknown 8. unknown 9. unknown 10. habitually chic 11. beautiful things to share 12. unknown 13. unknown 14. unknown]

I apologize for the untagged images, I just started noting where I saved the picture from so I should be better in the future.

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