Friday, March 22, 2013


I know all natural and organic is completely the rage these days, and I'm not one to lean too granola, but I can't help to love any beautifully designed, wooden toy. I know that most of them aren't as vivid and playful as the typical children's toy, but I guess I have too much of an appreciation for design aesthetic.  Well, I have been keeping a list of my favorite ones to eventually consider for Baby Owens and I wanted to share some of my favorites! What is your opinion on wooden toys? Love 'em or hate 'em?
ONE: These wooden cameras are too cute! I love all the fun color options - they even have a faux instagram camera, ha! 
TWO: How adorable is this zebra cart!? Makes learning to walk seem exciting, huh!? Kidding. Be sure and check out their outdoor grill and kitchen for all your little chefs! 
THREE: If you are a designer of any sort, then you will appreciate the stylish nature of these lowercase blocks! Nothing like an embossed, pretty font to make your day.
FOUR: This birch wood IKEA baby gym is easy on the eyes and bank account. I wish I had a trip to Ikea planned ...
FIVE: I am obsessed with these animal wood figures and definitely have all pictured on Baby Owens' wish list! I wish I could have them all, but at $10 a pop I may have to settle for a few. 
SIX: I had these Dwell Studio blocks on my Baby Owens board, but just recently found them for half price at our BuyBuy Baby - #winning! I have them on display they are so colorful and fun.
SEVEN: These wooden cars are officially all natural and can be used as toys, rattles, and competitive fun! 
EIGHT: With Brandon in the road construction business, I can't help but gravitate towards any type of construction paraphernalia - jammies, toys, hats, shoes, etc. - so, these construction trucks would be ideal for Baby Owens to start getting used to! 


  1. I am such a lover of wooden toys! There is just something special about them!

  2. Love them! Go green, Baby O!

  3. Love this post. Wooden toys are my favorite. We have a tub full of wooden blocks, trains, cars, and such. I shared this on a tumblr and on pinterest! <3