Monday, March 11, 2013


Hi all! This post is over 2 weeks late, but what can I say - I'm struggling finding time to post in between planning for Baby Owens, decorating the nursery, design projects, spring cleaning, and simply life. Oh well! 

I really wanted to take the time to do a special post to highlight the amazing Blackberry Farm that we visited for our anniversary/baby moon. I could not of been happier with our choice for the weekend. The entire property is beautiful and so serene. It provided the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and care free getaway. The service was spectacular - from the moment we arrived, the staff addressed us by name and knew every little detail of our weekend. We were constantly flooded with "Happy Anniversary" and it made the stay so special. They truly cater to your every request and that is not something you find at every resort. And it is all very genuine and sincere so you don't feel like you are being treated like a tourist. 

Besides the amazing service, the food was beyond delicious. I will admit, if you don't love food and are not willing to try new things, this place is not for you. Since the meals are included in your rental, you have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most unique combinations that you wouldn't find at other restaurants. I truly enjoy the whole experience of a "meal" so I thought it was fantastic that you were served a 7 course dinner over the span of 2 hours. The staff can explain each dish down to every little seasoning in case you get confused - which we did quite often! 

We stayed at the main house which resembles a bed and breakfast and our room was decorated to a 't'. Breakfast and lunch are served here with dinner at the barn down the road. The main house has several cozy spots to kick your feet up and relax - from the sofa and fireplace in the den, to the patio overlooking the Smokies, to the always burning fire pit. 

Here are some pictures (apologies for the iphone quality) from the weekend - 

we stayed in MAYAPPLE
Check out the beautiful fabric wallpaper! I wish I had taken a picture of the bathroom because it was black and white gorgeous-ness. 
our view of the Great Smokies from MAYAPPLE's window

The game room -  this room was open to all guests for lounging and entertaining. There is also a workout room downstairs. 
before dinner - 26 weeks preggers!
the largest guest house for rental on the left and the barn on the right
The barn - dinner is typically served here every night, but there was a wedding Saturday and they had it rented for the reception. What a beautiful, dream spot for a wedding! 
our dinner setting - obsessed with this china
our after dinner surprise! 
The pond and boat house  - open to guests for fishing, canoeing, or just lounging
Brandon decided to try his luck at fishing ... hopeful!

The spa - within the next year they are building a new, fancier spa and this will be a guest house. We enjoyed a couples massage and it was fabulous. Brandon isn't too fond of massages but he gave in since I agreed to go skeet shooing with him! 
Brandon posing at the fly fishing shop while we enjoyed a cruise on one of their complimentary golf carts. 

 just a little afternoon of skeet shooting - don't worry, I didn't shoot much, jk
and afterwards a little cocktail, and mock tail for me, on the patio before dinner
this may have been one of my favorite things - a basket stocked with smores goodies at the fire pit - couldn't resist! 

That about captures our entire weekend! I know personal pictures aren't considered as fun as adoring a beautiful home or a fabulous DIY project to some, but I love reviews and recommendations - so for anyone out there looking for a five star getaway spot, this is the place! It won't disappoint. 

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  1. Some of our friends got engaged there and ever since I've been tempted to go! I'll have to forward this to the hubs! Thanks for sharing!