Friday, March 15, 2013


I guess with my nesting and spring cleaning in the air, the hubs and I have been in full force organizing around the house (my idea, not his). I love for things to be orderly and organized - I believe everything should have a "place". Sometimes that item may not always live in its place, but I like to know it belongs somewhere in Melrose. Otherwise, it is outta there! I try to eliminate all clutter and get rid of any knick knack random items that don't serve a purpose. That is just me. And I definitely try to donate all those items - I'm sure somebody sees them as serving a purpose! 

Well, the main organization project has been in the basement. Living in an older house, we do not have much closet storage space. Luckily, we have a handy, unfinished basement for the overflow. It mostly consists of cinder blocks, concrete floors, plywood walls, and dust. In a dream world, I would love to finish off the space and design a combination of these photos -

But that is not going to happen! It may one day be a rough play room, but until then it just serves as our laundry room, tool shed, and storage space. I have been able to organize it enough to have a work space for my craft and design projects, so that is nice. In the next week or two, we are hanging a peg board above the work table so Brandon can have somewhere to hang his tools. I hate having a work bench covered in tools so you can't use it! Here are some basement photos that I found and have been referring to while this project takes place - 
 I love plastic bins. And I love for them all to match. Call me crazy. I buy the same color/brand and store all our extra linens, party supplies, christmas decorations, seasonal decorations, and anything else we have a collection of in these. I also have pretty labels for them!

 I don't think I'll take our peg board as far as monogramming it, but this is super cute.
 This would be an ideal laundry area for our basement, but we just don't have the time, patience, or bank account to make it work. Although, hanging the curtains to disguise the cinder block walls are not a bad idea. 
Floor to ceiling peg board walls would be awesome. I like how everything is able to be hung so there is no clutter on the floor. 

What is your spring cleaning routine? Do you get excited over organizing a cluttered space, or do you dread it? I'm sure I'll be back at it this weekend getting ready for Baby Owens! So much to do, so little time! 

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  1. I wish I lived in a place that had basements! So much extra square footage! I've been crazy cleaning lady today- must be the coming of spring.