Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATE: melrose guest bedroom2

I took some quick pictures to update you on the status of Melrose's second guest bedroom. It is no where near done, but I thought it would be fun to share the progress. If you remember, I posted some inspiration images revolving around twin beds and these mock ups here -
Since then, I have purchased the bedding and bed frames, installed the gold curtain rod, hung the olive curtains, purchased the jute rug, and found a few other odds and ends.  I've been heavily debating on what type of dresser to get to fit between the beds (this one picture is no longer offered) - full of drawers, an open shelf, black, wood stain, cream or white?!?! So many choices! I think I have finally settled on a black stained piece with two small drawers on top and an open shelf for easy storage (baskets would be perfect) below. The wide dresser on the opposite wall (the awkward blank space is the above layout) is still up for discussion and seems like the never ending search. Here is an updated front layout -
Don't you love the clouds in the windows!?

I have also decided to go a different direction on the lamps. The original cream ceramic ones just seemed too big for the room, so I found these gold adjustable desk lamps that are much more size appropriate. Here is a sneak peek at the guest bedroom is real life so far ... 

So obviously the tan wicker tall dresser will be removed and I'm still waiting to purchase a natural cow hide rug to layer on top of this chevron jute rug. The only section not featured in these photos is the opposing wall that will have a wide dresser with a mirror above. So, what do you think so far!? 

It sorta reminds me of this boys' room I spotted on pinterest recently - 
I love the antlers and natural elements used in this room. And those are definitely RH iron beds I spot too! 

If you caught my instagram news from over the weekend then eventually the room is going to look something like this with the addition of a you know what! Stay tuned ;)
If you want to see all my options for the guest bedroom, check out my pinterest board! Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. LOVE the beds you are using! So sophisticated.

  2. Yeaaaahhh! Let's turn this room into a nursery ASAPY! WHOOP! Can't wait to see the progress.