Friday, November 2, 2012


Ever since I added the new rug to Melrose's dining room, I have been brainstorming on new centerpieces for our farm table. I did have a sort of country chic runner, but now it does not match so I'm looking for something different. Something unique and colorful to tie in the moroccan rug. I gathered together my favorite inspiration images and my options:

1. Glass vase with long, twiggy stems -- I love the simplicity of this option and the versatility. I think my favorite arrangement are the pure greenery ones, especially the eucalyptus bundle.

Here are some recycled glass vase options that I think could achieve this look:
 pier 1 recycled glass vase (the site says out of stock, but I bet you could find one in stores)

2. Floral arrangement - Ever since I saw this instagram from Moth Design, I have been obsessed with her sea urchin vase (as well as her tory burch flats!).
It kind of reminds me of these beautiful floral arrangements in saturated pumpkins. I thought about attempting this idea, but then I worried about the pumpkin deteriorating. I think the sea urchin vase is a great option and could be played up in the fall and then used year around as a centerpiece. 
I started thinking of what plants in my garden I could use as well as purchasing some dried pieces to add in. Etsy and Terrain have some beautiful and unique dried options. And of course, a few fresh cut blooms are necessary as well! I mocked up an example to see what it could possibly look like:
left -- a true arrangement found on pinterest; right -- my photoshopped collage

3. Candles - With a rectangle table, I think you need either substantial candles or enough to spread out to make a statement on the table. A few cluttered in the middle won't produce a big enough interest. 

(this picture is a little overkill but I like the variety of candelabra's)

I am really smitten with this iron candelabra from Terrain. The welded detail and intricate details are exquisite!  I think it could easily fill a rectangle dining table without being too overbearing. I like to be able to clearly see my guests sitting across from me. Some bright orange or royal blue tapers could be amazing in this. 

So, those are my current options I keep toying with. What do you think? Do you have a favorite? 


  1. I love that instagram photo with the Sea Urchin and the Orchids in it! I bought one of those at Marshalls but mine is silver...

  2. I too love the sea urchin! I also like the idea of a grouping of glass vases in different sizes, then you could have some fun putting in different kinds of leaves and branches. As someone who has done arrangements inside of pumpkins several times, if you get them cleaned out really good and use florist foam inside of them, they'll hold up pretty good for at least a couple of weeks. I would definitely put it on a plate or platter of some kind to insure it doesn't hurt your table. I was at Target today and they have their Christmas decor out and they have some awesome gold faux bois chargers that are only $1.99/each which would be a cool option!

  3. I also have a farm table, and I've had the same problem with candles. I've been on the hunt for the perfect collection. Love the recycled glass as well!

  4. Hey KB. I wonder where I could score a table like that one in the fourth pic down. I've been on the hunt for the perfect vintage dining table but haven't been so lucky!

  5. I love balloon vases of different sizes. The white pumpkin vase is so nice. I would definitely put it on a plate or platter of some kind to insure it doesn't hurt your table. xoxo
    ~ Mehul
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