Wednesday, October 10, 2012


While thumbing through some of my favorite kitchen photos, I started to notice a trend in a lot of them -- rustic farmhouse tables as islands or dining in the kitchen. My dream house is an open floor plan from the kitchen, to the dining area, to the den where you can easily socialize with all your company. Everyone tends to congregate in the kitchen, and while I am happy with Melrose's current kitchen, it just doesn't provide room for gathering while cooking at the same time. I think a vintage, farmhouse table within an open kitchen is just the solution! I am really loving these beautiful, spacious kitchens with well made cabinetry, granite countertops, and striking lighting that have all been paired with a rustic, unique table. Whether it is used as island for extra space while cooking, or housing a few bar stools while sitting and watching the cook, I love the use of a farmhouse table in a modern kitchen. Here are some of my favorite examples:
 I love this simple, airy rustic table. It's size and tone is a great compliment to the clean, streamline design of this kitchen. Anything chunkier or darker could seem too heavy for this space.

This table doesn't appear to be rustic farmhouse, but it's shape and carved legs lend the idea that it is an antique. Even if it doesn't appear old, a nice, aged shape can be a nice contrast in a modern space. I'd take the glossy black and white marble pair any day!
An island + a farmhouse table, yes please. Of course you have to have ample room to house both of these pieces, and this kitchen is perfect for it.

Kirsten Buckingham's kitchen via Amber Interiors
The love seat and table make this space super cozy and inviting.

Maybe one of my favorite kitchens of all time - I love the mis matched seating and clean backsplash and cabinetry in contrast with the dark, ebony stained floor.

A unique positioning of a table at the foot of the island. You save room by not having chairs on all sides and the flow of the kitchen is consistent.
 This designer used a counter height wooden table for working or gathering. A lot of different materials are happening in this kitchen, so the simple, streamline design of this wooden table is perfect.
Another versatile, wooden table at counter height. Again, the mint green is the main attraction here so a simple antique was the way to go.

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