Friday, October 5, 2012


I apologize for my lack of posts lately ... I promise to get it together soon! I have a lot to share, just too little time! But, I do want to share pictures some pictures from earlier this week of us enjoying our first fire outdoors in the new fireplace. We hit a chill this week and it seemed like the perfect time to try out the fireplace. Brandon was able to pull out a pretty good fire for it's first time. We grilled fresh pizzas, warmed our feet, and enjoyed a little music. Can't wait to spend many more fall nights out here!

Please pardon the quality of the photos ... 


  1. I'm beyond jealous of your cozy outdoor space right now! That looks beyond amazing! What a perfect night to cuddle up and enjoy your new area.

  2. Looks so cozy. I'm jealous of that fabulous outdoor space y'all have! Maybe one day over here. We've been experimenting with homemade pizza on the egg. I'm pretty much a fan of anything that Michael cooks on that thing!!

    1. Thanks Brooke! I agree, the egg makes anything delicious! We are still experimenting as well, but I can't wait to try more recipes!