Wednesday, February 22, 2012


NEWS FLASH - I, along with the rest of the blog world (and pinterest!), have jumped on the moroccan bandwagon. I am obsessed with the beautiful, bold colors and vintage wear each item possesses. I love how a moroccan rug can really add so much interest and color to a room. I have searched ebay, etsy, and the random oriental rug websites to find a genuine moroccan kilim rug, but all are super expensive for a statement piece. If you are like me, then get excited because West Elm has just released their new moroccan collection and it is amazing! I want it all.

I just told LD the other day that I want a moroccan wedding blanket -- and what does West Elm have for sale? A fabulous moroccan wedding blanket adorned with sequins and all, for $399! I know the perfect spot for displaying this beauty - just need to measure and make sure it would work.
We have been making lots of fires lately and I have been brainstorming about something comfy and cozy to prop up against while enjoying the fire on the floor. So when I saw these battani poufs I knew they were the answer to my question. Two of these would be perfect stacked together. Maybe one day! At $299 a pop, I may have to settle for one, or wait until they have a sale!
striped and patterned battani poufs
Now for my real wish list item, these beautiful moroccan rugs! West Elm really hit the spot by offering these great options. I would be much happier if they were more affordable, but these prices are better than most I have seen! I am obsessed with these two berber rugs:
And if you want color, they have some fabulous brighter color palette options. Here are my favorites:
What do you think? Are you sold on West Elm's morrocan collection? Which is your favorite?

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