Friday, February 24, 2012

COMING UP: our one year!

Well, this weekend (officially Sunday, the 26th) marks our one year anniversary and it just seems so surreal. I don't even know where the time has gone! Looking back at today a year ago, I was so anxious - nervous and excited - for the weekend events. Knowing my personality, I thought I would be wound up making sure everything was perfect, but surprisingly I was cool, calm, and collected (in my opinion!). I think I just had a peace about the wedding and knew it was all a part of the Lord's plan.

Here is the card I got Brandon that pretty much sums up my feelings for our weekend celebration.

Our plan is to go out to a fancy dinner tonight and then cook in Sunday and attempt to eat our frozen cake! I hope it is just as good as a year ago! Our cooking for Valentine's was quite successful - everything was delicious and I really enjoyed Brandon's help in the kitchen. Here is our night captured through pics.
 enjoying some bubbly!
And the best part of our anniversary is our trip that we have saved up for - we are going to skiing in Park City, Utah for three days! I am very excited because I have not been out West skiing before, but Brandon has been several times. Our trip isn't for two weeks, but in the meantime I will be day dreaming about being here:
photos via Hyatt Escala Lodge


  1. Happy One Year!! Your weekend sound perfect! So does the ski trip!!

  2. Happy 1st Anniversary! And have fun skiing out West; it is beautiful! My husband grew up skiing, but my first time was 5 years ago. I have loved it and we go every year. We just got back from Beaver Creek, CO.

    This is random, but I went to high school with Laurel-Dawn and live in Birmingham. If you need any ski gear to borrow let me know. :)