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Hi all! Happy hump day! Now that the holidays have come and gone, I have new accessories and knick knacks just laying around the house waiting for a home. So, one design essential that I have been particularly seeking out lately is bookshelf styling. Sometimes I can just get so overwhelmed trying to perfectly arrange all my decor on bookshelves. I always feel like they look choppy - so, in an effort to help them look more cohesive, I have been keeping my eye out for inspiration photos and new trinkets to display!

I know I have posted about using yellow national geo magazines to decorate and covering old books, but here are some ways to decorate with variety!

First of all, love this black bookshelf - makes such a statement. And paired with the bold colors of the books and brass trinkets, it is perfection. 
I would consider this bookshelf organized clutter! Against the white walls, all the collected mementos add punches of color to this room and makes the space feel personable. 
Neutral books arranged organically ... but what draws me to this picture is the two petite frames to spice it up.
If you have lots of books and enjoy collecting them, this style may be for you! I am still trying to collect books so I definitely don't have enough to fill a bookshelf yet.
I know this picture has been floating around pinterest a ton, but I can't take my eyes off this one. I love the punches of blue amongst the shades of white and cream and you know I love the gold accents. All the objects are so different and contrast each other nicely that you never get bored.
Gosh ... I do love, love, love this bookshelf! It appears so casually decorated with the stacks of magazines and propped pictures, but someone obviously knew what they were doing. Maybe it is the fun, vibrant colors that draw me to this one, but whatever it is - I wish this could be in my house!
 via lonny mag

Could you color coordinate your books? Again, I don't have enough to do this, but I like this concept. And the gold mirror is such a nice touch!

all sources via my pinterest board

So, those are some of my current favs that I have saved for reference when I begin to overhaul our three bookshelves. They just seem so bland right now, but I hope to jazz them up soon. I am also in search for some more doo-dads to fill the shelves as well. Here are some pieces I have my eye on!
clear quartz votive holder - this would be perfect to place on top of some stacked books or under a cloche.
black lacquer boxes -  I could see two (or three!) of these stacked neatly on a shelf ... maybe topped with the quartz votive holder?
gold gilded blocks - you could spell out your initials, last name, or a simple word and use these as a topper
ceramic zebra - I am so tempted to order this for myself!
ceramic peacock - I like how these ceramic animals can add such variety and shape to structured bookshelves.  
gold gilded mirror - this would be a great, ornate mirror to hang off a shelf like in some of the inspiration images

And of course, beautiful books are easy solutions for decorating!

What are your "go to" places for finding filler objects? I need some new places to scour! Currently I search Anthropologie, Etsy, Zgallerie, High Street Market for unique and vintage finds ... plus some other brand name shops. Please share!

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