Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Remember my post about how I was on the search for a skinny console to be placed a against a wall that leads into Melrose's kitchen? Probably not ... but you can refresh your memory here. Well, I have been starring this piece down for forever and I finally bit the bullet. Here is the new console/bar that is now in the dining room:
look at how narrow she is ... 

two lined up against this back wall
I found this piece at CB2 and it received great reviews so I went for it. I thought the industrial, welded piece would complement the rustic theme of Melrose. Here is a mock up of the wall that I have created with some options:
I am using this accent table as a bar and I have some fun accessories all ready on top and have filled the baskets below ... I just need a goal for the wall above. There aren't any electrical outlets in this area so I am thinking of mounting 2 candle sconces on either side of some art or a mirror. I laid out the options of 1 large, 2 on top of each other, or a grouping of 4 ... ???

I found these rustic, industrial sconces at Wisteria that I thought would be perfect-
then I noticed Pottery Barn carries the exact ones for cheaper -
How nice is that? Just goes to show that you should explore all options! I also love these mirrored scones I found on the West Elm site, although they do not sell them! Frustrating ... anyone know where I can find these?
And they look very similar to these found in this picture that I shared in 
my previous post -
Again, Wisteria has some that are close -

But, I do like the simplicity of these rod iron ones at Pottery Barn as well -
I just don't think they will do the job. The baskets below the table sit on the frame nicely and display my Pellegrino and Bellini mix. I believe I will fill the other with baby tonic waters like this -

I wanted something to house my wine glasses, but I just don't think I have the room. This piece would be ideal if it had a middle shelf ... so, should I attempt this innovation instead?
I have to admit, it is quit tempting. 

Everything Fabulous had a recent post on 'chic bar carts + bar basics' and here is what she listed as the necessities at a bar:

Bar Basics: A martini shaker, cocktails glasses, Champagne flutes, wine glasses and martini glasses (keep a couple in the freezer at all times). Always have a supply of cocktail napkins on hand—linen are best!

Bar Essentials: A bar should include a mixture of dark and light liquors, beer, and wine {at least one white and one red}. Plus Vodka • Gin • Light rum • Scotch • Bourbon • Canadian whiskey • Dry vermouth • Campari • Champagne • Club soda • Tonic • Coca-Cola • Sprite or ginger ale • Lemons, limes and large cocktail olives.

Once I have the candle sconces and art mounted, I will share an update and my personal bar favorites.  

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