Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CHEAP & CHIC : my fashionista

My awesome friend and co-worker, Dana, just started her own fashion blog and she was so kind to feature my honeymoon wardrobe (and the hubby's) that she helped style. Check out her post here. She photographed all the outfits laid out while we packed and then I documented everything while in St. Lucia.

We had a blast picking out clothes for the honeymoon, showers, luncheons, etc. for the wedding and she did an awesome job. Not only is Dana super fabulous, but this girl knows how to shop on a budget! No store is off limits! She is famous for swapping buttons, hemming lengths, taking in fabric on sides, or even completely rearranging elements. Be sure to follow her and you can get the scoop on all her tips and ideas -- home and fashion!
If you are wondering who styled her blog ... all fingers point to me. I thought it turned out cute and definitely defines Dana's personal style.  

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  1. aren't you too sweet?! thank you for the post and THANK YOU for my amazing header!