Friday, February 8, 2013


When I was at Scott's antique mall in January, somehow I became fixated on vintage rocking horses. I don't know what made me take notice to them, but once I spotted 1 - I spotted 20. Unfortunately, any of the super cute, truly vintage ones were mega pricy so I was about to give up when I noticed this precious, petite little guy. He is definitely for younger toddlers (standing at a massive 2 ft tall), but it was in my price range and I loved the rustic, gender neutral colors - immediately I knew it would be perfect for Baby Owens' nursery.
After looking through some of my inspiration pictures, again, I started to spy rocking horses (or any animal, really) left and right. They are truly a classic, vintage piece perfect for any kids room. I think it will be something fun to keep in the family and pass down. What do you think? Check out these inspiring nurseries.

This is what I imagine when you say - classic, vintage rocking horse - all wood, shaggy main and tail, and perfect height to hop up on to. If only this size would have been available in my price range ...

May not be a rocking horse, in fact I'm not positive what animal it is, but it definitely rocks and you can ride it. It looks so cozy and sweet! I love it's texture paired with the floating butterflies next to the clean, white walls and streamline crib. 
This is such a fun way to show off artwork - I've recently seen several creative ways of how to display art projects around the house ... but that's for another post
The simple, all wooden models are definitely very popular - an easy decision so that it doesn't compete with the rest of the nursery decor.

A nice, safe option with a back rest ... we don't want any babies falling out! 

I love this entire room - I would never have the guest to put all these similar color tones together and patterns, but it all works perfectly together. That cherry rug in the center is right amount of pop to play off of the blues. I'm also in love with the mini doll beds all lined up - how precious. Can you spot the vintage rocking horse!? 
That's it for now! I can't wait for the day when Baby Owens' can try out his rocking horse for the first time. Do you think he will like it!?


  1. Def a must! SOOOO obsessed with that last room, I blogged about it the first time I saw it. I'm kinda obsessed with that fluffy white one!

    1. haha I think I may have pinned the room from your post! Yes, such a great inspiration image!

  2. Love them!! Where did you get your rug ?? Hope you are feeling good!

    1. Thanks EWood! The rug is from West Elm and it's the JUTE CHENILLE HERRINGBONE RUG . I really love it so far - it's a great natural/jute rug but the chevron pattern makes it much more interesting in the room!